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2022.03.18 MS Porrima Appointed as a Special Supporter of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition is delighted to announce that MS Porrima, the world’s largest solar ship, was appointed as a Special Supporter of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
MS Porrima, which is welcomed as a Special Supporter, does not use fossil fuels and is powered by wind power, solar energy and hydrogen energy. Therefore she can sail the ocean without burdening the environment. MS Porrima will sail around the world until the end of Expo 2025 and cooperate in the promotion activities of the Expo, which aims to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through research and enlightenment activities on the problem of marine plastic pollution.
As her first activity, MS Porrima is now sailing to Dubai, the Expo venue, with a message posted by the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition to Expo 2020 Dubai.

【MS Porrima】

【MS Porrima】
MS Porrima is one of the world’s largest solar vessels operating under the project-based support by the specified non-profit organization ZERI Japan. While raising awareness around the world on issues such as plastic pollution and climate change, the ship, in collaboration with scientists and entrepreneurs, has been trying to find clues that will lead to permanent solutions and working to create new innovations while using the many technologies installed.
In addition, the Blue Odyssey Project is being held as part of the “TEAM EXPO 2025” program / Co-creation challenge, which is the theme practice of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

【A comment from specified non-profit organization ZERI Japan】
The theme of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan is “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” Collaborations with various initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs are planned. In the world voyage of MS Porrima, information on the Expo is distributed at the port of call, and also beautiful nature, environmental issues, the history and culture of the ocean, and advanced technologies related to the ocean are shared.
Through her activities as a Special Supporter, we hope that people will become more aware of problems, that civic movements and corporate activities will interact well, and that solutions to various social issues will be found.

■ What is a “Special Supporter”?
Special Supporters are cheering squads for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan
where people, groups, characters, etc. with many fans or supporters can use their influence to convey the charms and philosophy of the Expo.
The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition will continue to increase the number of people interested in the Expo by having various people join become Special Supporters.

■ What is specified non-profit organization ZERI Japan?
ZERI is an acronym for “Zero Emission Research and Initiative” and was established in 2001 as a specified non-profit organization in order to realize the zero-emission concept in Japan. In 1994, Gunter Pauli, an adviser to the President of the United Nations University in Japan at that time, promoted the idea of “Zero Emission Concept” saying that in line with the natural circulation that does not generate waste, we will reuse waste as a resource and eliminate the final waste. As an epicenter of ZERI in Japan, Mr. Yusuke Saraya, who has a long-standing friendship with Mr. Pauli, established ZERI Japan and become chairman. Since then, ZERI Japan has been enlightening and practicing environmental education in Japan, building an industrial link, etc. and working to realize a recyclable society.


Public Relations Department, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition