Master Plan

The Master Plan serves as a framework for the fundamental projects for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan and the policies behind implementing the projects.

Please download the Master Plan here for further information.

Five Features of the Master Plan


Venue where you can feel the sea and sky

Taking advantage of its location surrounded by the sea, we will design the venue of the Expo based on the concept of connecting with the world through the sea and sky. By establishing a loop-shaped main line of flow and creating pavilions and plazas leading to the line of flow in a dispersed manner, we will create a venue that symbolises “Unity in diversity” by integrating the concepts of decentralisation and dispersion—principles advocated since the candidacy of the Expo—with the idea of connecting.


Expo featuring ideas for a future society for our lives from around the world

The Expo will feature initiatives aimed at creating a future society for our lives presented by 150 countries and 25 international organisations, as well as companies, NGOs, NPOs, citizens’ groups, and others from around the world, to provide a vision of achieving the SDGs and the future beyond that. To this end, we will organise thematic projects developed by eight leading creators in various fields and TEAM EXPO 2025 programme, a best practice Co-creation project launched before and ending after the Expo, among other activities.

Thematic projects developed by eight leading creators in various fields

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Participation of businesses and organisations

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* Information current as of Dec. 2020. The number of sections and their sizes are subject to change.

“TEAM EXPO 2025” Programme that encourages Co-creation and participation

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Expo where you can see future technologies and social systems

We will implement a future society showcase project based on the Expo’s concept of “People’s Living Lab; A laboratory for a future society” in which social systems and cutting-edge technologies such as carbon neutral, digital technology, and next-generation mobility are utilised at the venue as well as incorporated in event operations and exhibitions. In addition, we will hold a virtual expo by utilising cutting-edge technology such as AR and VR to enable people who cannot come to the venue to experience the Expo.

Future Society Showcase

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Figure: Vision of the Expo site as a model for Society 5.0

Virtual Expo

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Expo where you can enjoy real entertainment

We will create a lively expo filled with excitement where you can enjoy real entertainment such as water shows at Water World, projection mapping at the venue’s facilities and pathways, music and performing arts events held at event squares, event halls, and other stages of varying sizes, hands-on traditional performing arts and pop culture events, and festivals and parades from around Japan.

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Figure: Conceptual image of an outdoor event plaza


Expo committed to comfort, safety, and sustainability

We will consider introducing an advanced entry booking system and pavilion booking system based on electronic tickets to avoid excessive crowding. We will work to level the flow of visitors through such efforts to offer a comfortable Expo experience. We will also focus our efforts on ensuring safety through infection control, disaster prevention, and cyber security measures, as well as adopting sustainable, inclusive event operations practices.

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