Privacy policy

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”), in compliance with the laws regulating the protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Act”), prescribes, as follows, its Privacy Policy covering the handling of personal information that includes the User’s registration information received in relation to the provision of the Association’s service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”).
Personal information signifies information collected by the Association based on its Privacy Policy, and refers to information related to user identification, online service activity history, and any other information generated by or stored either by the User or via the User’s terminal.

1. Acquisition and use of personal information

The Association shall acquire personal information via appropriate processes that clearly state the purpose of use and shall not use said information for any other purpose.

  1. Personal information that is collected

    Personal information collected by the Association in relation to the Service consists of the following:

    • * Information related to the User’s name, nickname, gender, date of birth, address (postal code, name of prefecture, municipality), phone number, nationality or the country of residence
    • * Email address, Twitter, Facebook or Google account or password information
    • * Information related to User posts that are either entered or sent by the User using the Association’s input form or other method prescribed by the Association
  2. Purpose of use

    The specific purpose of use of the personal information in relation to the provision of the Service is as follows:

    1. 1. To provide, announce, maintain, protect or improve the Service including registration acceptance, identity confirmation, User authentication and User setting records
    2. 2. To respond to inquiries related to the Service
    3. 3. To address any acts that contravene the Association’s Terms of Service
    4. 4. To notify the User of any changes to the Terms of Service

2. Restrictions on providing personal information to third parties

Unless the following conditions are met, the Association shall not provide or disclose personal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the person to whom the information pertains.

  1. When the Association delegates all or part of the handling of personal information required to achieve the Purpose of Use
  2. When the personal information is being provided as part of a business handover as the result of, for example, a merger
  3. When the personal information is being provided to a partner or information collection module provider in accordance with Clause 4
  4. When there is a requirement to cooperate with a government agency or local government or a delegated organization in order for a legally required action to be carried out, and when obtaining the User’s consent could have a detrimental effect on carrying said action out
  5. Any other instance covered by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws and regulations

3. Secure management of personal information

The Association shall correctly and securely manage personal information and shall take appropriate measures to prevent loss, tampering and leakage.

4. Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, etc. of personal information

The Association understands that the person to whom the information pertains possesses the right to request the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, or elimination, etc. of personal information which can identify such person.

5. Supervision of entrusted persons

In the event that the Association outsources personal information in whole or in part, the Association shall impose on such contractor the obligation of the secure management of the personal information, and shall exercise necessary and appropriate supervision thereof.

6. Thorough protection of personal information

The Association shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, shall thoroughly inform all officers, employees and staff of the Association, contractors and other relevant parties about the importance of protecting personal information, and shall aim to provide training and raise awareness regarding the protection of personal information.

Handling of personal information is subject to change, in part or in its entirety, by the Association. In the event of a change, notification detailing the change shall be posted on the website.

Established: May 28, 2019
Revised: November 29, 2019