About the Expo




Designing Future Society for Our Lives


Saving Lives

Empowering Lives

Connecting Lives


– People’s Living Lab – A laboratory for a future society

  • A space where 8 billion people from around the world will not only view exhibits but will co-create our future society.
  • Even before the Expo begins, an online platform for sharing challenges and solutions from around the world will be launched.
  • A place where the world’s knowledge such as cutting-edge technology will be brought together, used to create new ideas, and shared, all to help resolve global issues facing mankind.
  • Schedule

    184 days from April 13 to October 13, 2025

  • Venue

    Yumeshima, Osaka

  • Projected visitors

    Approx. 28.2 million

Yumeshima Location MapYumeshima Location Map