Application period will be extended until noon,19 June 2024, Japan Standard Time(Tentative)!

"Best Practices" is a programme that disseminates high- quality projects that solve important global issues. The theme of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan is "Designing Future Society for Our Lives". Projects that embody this theme will be selected as the Best Practices for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan .

The best practices that are selected will be introduced on the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan official website, and during the commencement of the Expo, they will be displayed in the Best Practice Area. We are also considering inviting the award winners to the Expo site and setting up opportunities for them to present their initiatives and opportunities for interaction.

The projects that are selected as the “Best Practices” should be those that enhance the quality of human life, have a clear and visible effect, are generated from effective partnerships between multiple entities (public/private entities and citizens) and can be deployed to other regions.

In addition, the projects selected as best practices are expected to be related to one of the sub-themes of the Expo: “Saving Lives,” “Empowering Lives,” or “Connecting Lives.” The fields and areas related to these sub-themes are listed as examples in the theme scopes covered in the ”Theme Weeks” of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan (see table below).

Saving Lives, Empowering Lives, Connecting Lives.
Scope of Theme

The Future of Earth and Biodiversity

Theme (Enquiry)

What do we do to preserve the earth for future generations with abundant and diverse life?

Scope of Theme

Climate change, decarbonisation, biodiversity, circular economy, renewable energy, hydrogen society, Nature Positive, deforestation, marine pollution, woodland regeneration, freshwater resources, etc.

Health and Well-being

Theme (Enquiry)

How do we realize a society where the well-being of each person resonates?

Scope of Theme

Measures against infectious diseases, well-being, genomic medicine, regenerative medicine, cell therapy and gene therapy, PHR, healthy life expectancy, SBNR, safe water and toilets, etc.

Peace, Human Security and Dignity

Theme (Enquiry)

What do we do to realize a world where discrimination is eliminated and people respect each other?

Scope of Theme

Hunger, poverty, social inequality, human rights violations, child labor and forced labor, human trafficking, participation of persons with disabilities, gender equality, LGBTQ, promotion of women’s participation and advancement in the workplace, immigration, human security, diversity and inclusion etc.

Necessities of Life:Food, Clothing and Shelter

Theme (Enquiry)

What do we need to do to realize a future where everyone has access to food, clothing and shelter ?

Scope of Theme

Food loss, food tech, food education, food culture, smart agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry, sustainable fashion, ethical consumption, etc.

Learning and Playing

Theme (Enquiry)

What should humans learn in the era of AI?

Scope of Theme

Lifelong learning, EDTEC, intellectual property utilisation, individually optimised learning, remote education, youth independence, educational inequality, STEAM, entrepreneurship, games around the world, etc.

Co-creating Cultures for the Future

Theme (Enquiry)

For diverse cultures to resonate and co-create cultures for the future, what do we do ?

Scope of Theme

Traditional performing art, historical heritage, local community revitalisation, tourism, art, music, sports, cultural arts, Cool Japan, manga and anime, Esports, etc.

The Future of Community and Mobility

Theme (Enquiry)

What is a community where we can live as we are?

Scope of Theme

Smart cities, digital garden cities, disaster prevention and reconstruction, metaverse, space, robots, EV/FCV, automatic operation, flying cars, cyber security, MaaS etc.

Future Society for Life

Theme (Enquiry)

Can we achieve the SDGs?
What do we do beyond the goals?

Scope of Theme

SDGs, post-SDGs, life , future society,
Society 5.0, etc.

Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan is based on the concept of a “People’s Living Lab” (a laboratory for a future society), in which diverse participants bring their own perspectives to create a picture of the future society. The “Best Practices” at the Expo will be based on the values of each individual, and will present solutions to various issues through the co-creation of diverse participants.

How to Apply

Please read the application guidelines and apply by clicking “Best Practice Application” below.

Please note that only those who have registered their activities in the TEAM EXPO 2025 programme are eligible to apply.

For information on how to register for the “TEAM EXPO 2025” programme, please view the “TEAM EXPO 2025” website below.

※Explanations of the application items and the video of the online briefing session have been posted on the link below.

Application period: until noon,19 June  2024 ,Japan Standard Time (Tentative)

Best Practices Reception Office, Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan
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  • Embodying the Expo’s theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” and its sub-themes of “Saving Lives“, “Empowering Lives” and “Connecting Lives
  • Potential to be deployable in other regions and have a clear and visible impact
  • Sustainable and contributes to a better future

“BEST PRACTICES” & “TEAM EXPO 2025” Programme

At the Expo , diverse participants take the initiative in a participatory programme called TEAM EXPO 2025, which aims to create an ideal future society together.

Among the activities gathered by this "TEAM EXPO 2025" programme, the most outstanding initiatives will be selected as the "Best Practices".

Therefore, projects that are candidates for "Best Practices" must be previously registered in "TEAM EXPO 2025"(A separate application process for “Best Practices” is required).

By registering with the “TEAM EXPO 2025” programme, the purpose and activities of the project will be made clear to other participants in this programme, the public through the official website of the “TEAM EXPO 2025” programme, and the exchange and co-creation initiatives implemented by the Organiser of the World Expo 2025.

This encourages interaction between participants, or between participants and others, and is expected to result in better projects that are worthy of being best practices, such as evolving projects or co-creation leading to alternate projects. This may result in projects that are more sustainable and could lead to the resolution of complex and local issues, or create new projects that lead to a better future.

JKA Social Action 競輪とオートレースの補助事業

This Best Practice selection secretariat operations was subsidized by JKA through its promotion funds from KEIRIN RACE.