About the official character

As another symbol of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, just like the official logo mark, the official character aims to be loved and familiar all over the world. The character will be utilized to publicize and foster the momentum of the Expo.



A mysterious creature born from the unification of cells and water. Its identity is unknown.
The red part is the “cell,” which divides and increases.
The blue part is “clean water,” which can be transformed to flow.
It seems that it is looking for itself to be who it wants to be, and has transformed into various shapes.
The figure takes its shape by imitating human beings.
However, it may change its appearance too much and forget its original shape.
The source of its energy is to go outside and enjoy the sunlight. It also loves rainy days and can take the rain into its body.
MYAKU-MYAKU dreams that everyone knows about it even before the Expo’s opening and that it will meet many people at Expo 2025, Osaka, Kansai, Japan. 


Place of birth
A small spring somewhere in Kansai.
friendly, goofy, clumsy
Special skills
transforming into various shapes and finding a rainbow after the rain.
Favorite things
interacting with all creatures and things. 

Creator of the official character design

Group Name
mountain mountain
Year of Birth
Designer・Picture book author

About the official character nickname

Concept of nickname

Our human DNA, which has been passed down as “pulse (MYAKU-MYAKU)” until now, wisdom and technology, history and culture.
The character that can be freely transformed, with all the possibilities in its body, will inherit our human splendor from now on.
With that hope in my mind, I gave it the name “MYAKU-MYAKU,” meaning “pulse.”
And also, MYAKU equals pulse, life itself.
With two consecutive sounds, myaku-myaku sounds as if life is continuing.

Year of birth
Concept of nickname

When I first saw the character, red and blue reminded me of arteries and veins.
Therefore, I thought the word “Myaku (=pulse)” could represent the Expo’s theme “link of human civilization” and “international connection.”

Year of birth

* Since the best work was submitted by two people with the same nickname, two nickname concepts are posted.