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2022.05.30 Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, Exhibitors of Pavilion for Private Sectors Revealed Basic Concept

Companies and organisations exhibiting pavilions for private sectors at the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan have announced the basic concept of each pavilion. In addition, the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition has decided the exhibition location of each pavilion at the Expo venue. In June this year, the association will open the pages specific for these pavilions on the official website of the Expo, and will start distributing information toward 2025.
The exhibitors of the pavilions for the private sectors will devise various measures in line with the theme of the Expo, “Designing Future Society for Our Lives,” and will produce and direct an exhibition where their unique individuality is embodied and visitors can experience the future society, to realize pavilions that provide visitors deep impression and empathy.
The association will continuously make an effort to enhance the charm of the Expo at both the real and virtual venues through various co-creations with companies and organisations such as exhibitors of the pavilions for private sectors.

■Pavilion Location map

Basic Concept of exhibition (Alphabetical order)

※The appellation of pavilion and basic concept are subject to change.

●Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.
 ・Pavilion name:GUNDAM Pavilion (Tentative)
・Summary of basic concept:
“With the theme of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’, we will provide demonstration experiments aimed at solving problems in the future society, realization of ‘co-creation’ by connecting people, and future experiences that link the real and virtual world, aiming to launch a pavilion where potentiality that Gundam will present can be felt. Please look forward to our pavilion.”

●The Federation of Electric Power Companies
 ・Pavilion name:Electric Power Pavilion (Tentative)
・Summary of basic concept:
“The theme of this pavilion is ‘New energy possibilities for a brighter future’, and the concept is ‘Eggs of Possibility’. Our aim is to allow visitors to experience the many ‘Eggs of Possibility’ of energy and the future that will open up when they are gathered and hatched together, leading to a future that enriches lives of all living things. Please look forward to what our pavilion has to offer.”

●Iida Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
・Pavilion name: Joint Pavilion Iida Group × Osaka Metropolitan Univ.
・Summary of basic concept :
“In a society that changes and develops due to technological progress, valuable thoughts that will not change in the past or future.
With the keyword ‘TADAIMA’ centered and a message from a navigator that transcends time and space, visitors will experience ‘Future Society for Our Lives’ where ‘Wellness’ and ‘Artificial Photosynthesis’ technology, both of which are our joint research themes with Osaka Metropolitan University, are embodied.“

●The Japan Gas Association
・Pavilion name:Gas Pavilion
・Summary of basic concept:
“We aim to create a ‘visitor participatory entertainment pavilion’ that will be memorable for spectators, especially children, and will be the first experience that could enrich their sensitivity.
We, as gas industry, think together with you about a global issue of carbon neutrality, and will take the first step toward ‘Future Society for Our Lives’. We are looking forward to meeting with you at our pavilion.”

●Mitsubishi General Committee for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan
 ・Pavilion name:Mitsubishi Pavilion
 ・Summary of basic concept:
“Keeping the world vibrant” is the core concept of the Mitsubishi Pavilion.
The venue serves as a space for all to reflect on life and imagine the future, sharing thoughts on profound ideas— “the dawning of life, the future of life”, “the treasure of life”, and “the miracle of life crossing and co-existing”

・Pavilion name: 「NTT PAVILION 2025 NATURAL Between Life and IT」
・Summary of basic concept:
“With the theme ‘Natural Between Life and IT’ and the concepts ‘Expanding Pavilion’, ‘Living Pavilion’, ‘Collaborative Pavilion’ and ‘Circulating Pavilion’, we aim to give everyone who visits our real and virtual pavilion opportunities to feel an exciting future and to be aware of social issues.”

●Panasonic Corporation
 ・Pavilion name: Panasonic Group pavilion(Tentative)
・Summary of basic concept:
“At the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, the Panasonic Group exhibits a pavilion with the concept of “Unleash your mind, body, yourself and world”. We will realize a pavilion where children of generation alpha will be aware of their hidden potential-their natural talent – and gains greater self-esteem, through the experience named as “NOMO NO KUNI” and will have hope for the future society.”

●Pasona Group Inc.
・Pavilion name:「PASONA Natureverse」
・Summary of basic concept:
“Our job is to harness the potentiality of the individual.
We aim to realize a society where everyone can play an active role in a healthy and lively manner.
‘Thank you for life’.
Through the experience in our pavilion, a world where all people in the world respect life and are surrounded by gratitude for life.”
A world where many people’s ‘thank you’s resonate.
We would like visitors to be creators who create ‘Natureverse (Nature x Universe)’ together.”

●Sumitomo EXPO2025 Promotion Committee
・Pavilion name: 「SUMITOMO PAVILION」(Tentative)
・Summary of basic concept:
“At ‘SUMITOMO PAVILION’, we will provide children, who will create the future, and everyone, with a unique experience in the forest where the tangible and digital technologies are fully used. In addition, when constructing our pavilion, we will incorporate various ideas and wisdom, such as making full use of the forest woods owned by our Sumitomo Group nationwide, and will present you our exhibition suitable for today’s Expo.”

●Tamayama Digital Tech Co., LTD
・Pavilion name:「Stay True & Innovative」
・Summary of basic concept:
In “Stay True & Innovative”, we will integrate the concepts of “Technology”, “Smart solution”, “Culture”, and “Partnership” unique to Taiwan as we explore three central themes: “Urban×Rural”, “Nature”, and “Vitality”. With cutting-edge digital technology, we hope to create an intimate, touching, and reverberating experience that resonates with “Six” human senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and affection..

・Pavilion name:(Tentative)Yoshimoto Pavilion
・Summary of basic concept:
“The theme of our pavilion is ‘Waraii Myraii’
With the dream that the theme ‘waraii’ will become a world language, we will base our project on three keywords’ Children of the World, ‘Laughter,’ and ‘Connection.’
We will show children from all over the world the power of ‘Laughter,’ which can connect children across national borders by laughing together upon their first encounter, even in a world of ‘Division’ and ‘Conflict.”

●ZERI Japan
・Pavilion name:BLUE OCEAN
・Summary of basic concept:
“At our pavilion, we would like to provide visitors with an unprecedented experience under the theme of ‘Revitalization of the Ocean.’ Mr. Shigeru Ban, who won the Pritzker Prize in 2014, an international award in the field of architecture, is in charge of architectural design, and Mr. Kenya Hara of Nippon Design Center, Inc., and Hara Design Institute are in charge of the exhibition contents.”


Public Relations Department, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition