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2022.07.18 Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan Official character nickname “MYAKU-MYAKU” decided

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition held today the final Nickname Selection Committee and chose the best nickname of the official character of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan among 33,197 entries.
From now, as another symbol of the Expo, just like the official logo mark, the character with the newly decided nickname “MYAKU-MYAKU” will be utilized to foster the momentum of the Expo and be brought up as a character who will be loved and familiar all over the world.
In addition, a website dedicated to the official character will open on the official website of the Association, and the profile of the character will be unveiled there. The Association hopes that “MYAKU-MYAKU” helps deepen interest in the Expo.

Best nickname MYAKU-MYAKU (in English)

■Winners of the best nickname
Year of birth: 1984
Year of birth: 2002

■Concept of nickname
(From KAWAKATSU Miyuu)
Our human DNA, which has been passed down “continuously from our ancient roots (the meaning of “MYAKU-MYAKU” in Japanese)” until now,
wisdom and technology, history and culture.
The character that can be freely transformed, with all the possibilities in its body, will inherit our human splendor from now on.
With that hope in my mind, I gave it the name “MYAKU-MYAKU”.
And also, “MYAKU” has another meaning of pulse, life itself.
With two consecutive sounds, myaku-myaku sounds as if life is continuing.

(From SAKUDA Hinata)
When I first saw the character, red and blue reminded me of arteries and veins.
Therefore, I thought the word “Myaku” which also means blood vessel could represent the Expo’s theme “link of human civilization” and “international connection.”

  • Since the best work was submitted by two people with the same nickname, two nickname concepts are posted.

■ A comment from NAKAHATA Takashi, Chairperson of the Selection Committee
(NAKAHATA Takashi is a Japan’s leading copywriter and creative director)
Nicknames, rather than real names, are names called with familiarity. Therefore, the first point is to be familiar and easy to remember. The uniqueness and the meaning of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan are also important. As a result, the wonderful work was selected as a nickname for the character that could be freely transformed. We hope that the nickname will be loved and nurtured as the Expo progresses.

■ A comment from aiko, singer-songwriter, selection committee member
I selected the nickname with all my love and heart as a member who brought the character to life.
I feel like I am already its friend.
I hope many people will smile through the Expo.
I would like to welcome fascinating days and a wonderful future with everyone’s big laughter.

■A comment from YAMASHITA Kohei, selection committee member
(YAMASHITA Kohei is a creator of the Expo official character. He is a designer and picture book author.)
All names submitted were appealing, and I read the concepts one by one. I read it

aloud under my mask and tried to find a name with comfortable sounds.
Toward the year 2025, I truly hope that the character will be called “MYAKU-MYAKU” and will become familiar not only in Kansai but also around the world.

Official character’s dedicated page

・ Scheduled opening date and time: July 18, 2022 (Monday / holiday) 8 pm
・ URL:


Public Relations Department, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition