Press Release

2023.02.21 Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan “Future Society Showcase Project Exhibition” “Smart Mobility Expo” ”Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)”, Operating the Verti-Port in the Expo Site and eVTOLs operators

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) announces the following sponsor operating the verti-port in the Expo site in the “Smart Mobility Expo” ”Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)” as part of the “Future Society Showcase Project Exhibition” was selected. In addition, the Association has also selected the participating companies of eVTOLs, of which the applications (1st round) were solicited from December 27, 2022 to January 20, 2023.
The Association are still in discussions with various companies and organizations for each of the “Future Society Showcase Project Exhibitions,” and will announce new sponsoring companies and organizations in due course.

”Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)” operating the verti-port in the Expo site【Smart Mobility Expo】

■Sponsor company
ORIX Corporation (Tokyo)
■Details of sponsorship 
The sponsor company will operate (including construction, maintenance and demolition) the verti-port to be built at the Mobility Experience, located in the northwest part of the Expo site.

”Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)” eVTOLs operators 【Smart Mobility Expo】

■Participating companies
ANA HOLDINGS INC. (Tokyo) and Joby Aviation Inc. (USA)
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
Marubeni Corporation (Tokyo)
SkyDrive Inc. (Aichi)
■Contents of the project
The aim is to operate eVTOLs between two ports inside and outside the Expo site. With the cooperation of relevant local governments and national agencies, specific initiatives will be implemented in a timely manner. The details of the project will be determined in consultation with the parties concerned.

(For reference) About Future Society Showcase Projects

This is a general term to mention a group of projects that provide experiences to a wide range of participants and visitors from Japan and abroad by utilizing technologies and services that support the theme of the Expo, “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” for the development, operation, exhibition, and events of the Expo site which will be a “People’s Living Lab”, in the form of “demonstration” that gives a sense of the future after 2025 and “implementation” that is suitable for the Expo.

【Overall framework of Future Society Showcase Projects】

※As of February 21, 2023. Subject to change.


Public Relations Department, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition