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2023.10.06 [Official Participants’ Pavilion] Signing off the construction and design of the France Pavilion

We are pleased to announce the latest information regarding the France Pavilion from COFREX, which is in charge of the exhibit of the France Pavilion. The France Pavilion has officially signed off the building contracts for and the permanent staging of France Pavilion in Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

Jacques Maire, Commissioner General of Section, the President of COFREX and the Chief Curator of the France Pavilion, says,

 “This is a crucial stage that enables France to prepare for our presence in Tokyo under the best circumstances possible, against a backdrop in Japan where costs are high and there are shortages of manpower and construction materials. The COFREX Board of Directors and juries unanimously adopted the two strong proposals that showcase the image of France in a highly innovative way, while continuing to respect our ecological commitments, the budget assigned to the project and our partners’ support. These outstanding teams, headed up by two renowned French talents with a Franco-Italian team for construction and an international one for the staging, will enable France to express the admiration it has for Japan, and to provide its young people with an exceptional experience.”

Thomas Coldefy, Founder and Director of Coldefy & Associates, the winners of the architectural and construction competition, says,

“World Expos are the perfect platform for innovating in the spheres of design and architecture. The France Pavilion will showcase France’s unique ‘savoir-faire’, and at the same time show how we humans can pursue a closer relationship with the natural world and reconcile architecture with landscapes, while continuing to offer an alternative vision for our shared future.”

The artist Justine Emard, the designer of the permanent exhibition, says,

“The France Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan is designed to be a living work of art. The permanent exhibition will be an invitation to the general public to take a poetic journey through it, alongside the different kinds of intelligence found in the world, be it human, animal, plant-based or artificial. It will create a dialogue between the arts, the sciences, technology and landscapes, based on a fusion of all the energies of the Pavilion’s designers and partners.”

Further details and contact information are available in the press release below.

Communiqué de presse – Version anglaise_0.pdf (cofrex.fr)


・A Signing Ceremony Held with French Republic (Press release dated May 26, 2023)