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2023.10.13 [Official Participants’ Pavilion] Signing off the construction of the Luxembourg Pavilion

We are pleased to announce the latest information regarding the Luxembourg Pavilion from The Luxembourg Government Ministry of the Economy and Luxembourg@Expo2025Osaka GIE, which is an economic interest group set up to plan, build, operate and dismantle the Luxembourg Pavilion. GIE has officially signed a contract with the Japanese general construction company Naito House Co, Ltd to build the Luxembourg Pavilion in Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

André Hansen, Commissioner General of Section, says

“Following the signing of the construction contract, Luxembourg has filed for the building permit to the City of Osaka. This puts Luxembourg among the most advanced countries in terms of preparations for the participation in the Expo.”

Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy, says,

“Given the highly complex situation in the Japanese construction sector, the signing of this contract means that the construction of our pavilion is now secure. With Naito House, Luxembourg will be able to rely on a trustful Japanese company to build the pavilion designed by our architects and engineers.”

Further details and contact information are available in the press release below.


・A Signing Ceremony held with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Press release dated November 30, 2022)