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2024.07.01 EXPO2025 Digital Wallet Service Upgraded! “MYAKU-PE!,” “MYAKU-PO!,” “MYAKU-N!,” and the “MYAKU-MYAKU Reward Programme” Launched!

From 1 July 2024, the Japan Association 2025 for the 2025 World Exposition (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) is launching new features of the EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet service, including “MYAKU-PE!” (e-money), “MYAKU-PO!” (points), “MYAKU-N!” (original Expo NFTs), and other financial linkage services.
In addition, the Association is also unveiling the “MYAKU-MYAKU Rewards Programme”, which offers rewards according to status based on digital wallet usage, as well as the “MYAKU-PO!” partners, original goods, and an exclusive Digital Wallet MYAKU-MYAKU design. Furthermore, the business cooperation services that have already been launched will be expanded.

▽ Overview of the “MYAKU-PE!” Service
“MYAKU-PE!” is an e-money service provided by SMBC Group that can be used both inside and outside the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan (hereinafter referred to as “the Expo”) site. In addition to code payments that make a cute “MYAKU-PE!” when you buy something at the venue, it can also be used at shops that support Visa contactless payments and iD*. The service can also be used at over 2.3 million payment terminals nationwide that support Visa contactless payment and iD.
In addition, for those who use “MYAKU-PE!” at the Expo site, a payment service using ‘face recognition’ will be offered. By registering facial information and payment methods in advance, it is possible to make payments using face recognition alone. *iD is a trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC.

▽ Overview of the “MYAKU-PO!” Service
“MYAKU-PO!” is a point programme provided by Resona Bank. Users can accumulate “MYAKU-PO!” points even before the Expo opens by participating in Expo momentum-building campaigns run by partner companies/organisations, and exchanging points accumulated through SDGs-related and other point programmes
.”MYAKU-PO!” can be exchanged for exclusive original goods, admission tickets, services, and experiences at the pavilions on site.
Through “MYAKU-PO!”, users can increase their interest and engagement with the Expo by participating in Expo projects and working on the SDGs while having fun.

■ “MYAKU-PO!” partners (Cooperating companies and organisations in alphabetical order) * As of July 1, 2024
The following companies and organisations will partner with the Digital Wallet to help build momentum for the Expo and SDGs by exchanging points with “MYAKU-PO!”. We plan to expand the number of collaborators in the future.

< Partner Companies > * In alphabetical order
  ● Daido Life Insurance Company
  ● KDDI CORPORATION・Loyalty Marketing, Inc.
< Partner Organisations>
  ● Kishiwada City

■ “MYAKU-PO!” Original Goods
“MYAKU-PO!” points can be exchanged for original “MYAKU-PO!” goods, with Giftpad Co.,Ltd. participating as the goods exchange operator. In addition to being able to exchange points on the online exchange website, the company plans to open “Giftpad space – Weaving the charm of Japan” – inside KITTE Osaka shopping complex on Wednesday 31 July, as the nation’s first point-exchange shop.
The number of point-exchange stores is expected to increase in the future.

< “MYAKU-PO!” original goods image >

▽ Overview of the “MYAKU-N!” Service
“MYAKU-N!” is the Expo original NFT service provided by SBI Holdings. Users can acquire and view “MYAKU-N!” NFTs on the dedicated “MYAKU-N!” site, which users can connect to from the digital wallet. Through participation in the real and virtual Expo, users can have the priceless experience of acquiring highly rare NFTs and creating one-of-a-kind NFTs.
The acquired NFTs are meant to be mementos for each user and cannot be transferred or resold, so even those trying out NFTs for the first time can use it securely.
To commemorate the launch of the “MYAKU-N!” service, the first 5,000 customers will receive a special “MYAKU-N!”.

<MYAKU-N! Image>

▽ Overview of the “MYAKU-MYAKU Rewards Programme”
The “MYAKU-MYAKU Rewards Programme” is a service that creates “Enjoyment of Use” for users who can increase their status by recharging their digital wallet “MYAKU-PE!”, using “MYAKU-PO!”, and participating in the Expo.
The maximum status will be GOLD during the first phase of service, with LEGEND (tentative name) being added in the second phase (scheduled for October).
Users can use the digital wallet to earn original Expo rewards according to their status. They can acquire “MYAKU-N!” in the first phase, and original experiences and services at the Expo site in the second phase.

▽ New “Digital Wallet MYAKU-MYAKU” Design
The design of the “Digital Wallet MYAKU-MYAKU” (hereinafter referred to as “Wallet MYAKU”) and banners (5 types), which can only be used by digital wallet projects and collaborators, will be released for the first time.
Going forward, we will work with our collaborators to develop services that utilise the Wallet MYAKU design and issue NFTs in order to build momentum for the Expo. Also, we will expand our digital wallet projects and further liven up the Expo by producing a wide range of original “MYAKU-PO!” prizes using Wallet MYAKU.

▽ Overview of the Expansion of Business Cooperation Services
As part of the Digital Wallet business cooperation services, the “Token Discovery function”, which allows collaborators to provide membership card services using their own Web3 technology, will be rolled out from 1 July 2024.
The membership card service will be offered to members and participants of companies, municipalities, and organisations that agree to build momentum for the Expo and participate in the Digital Wallet business collaboration services.

(For reference)
The following websites have been established to provide information on how to use the EXPO2025 digital wallet.
▽ App download link

<App Store URL>

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