Austria Pavilion
Austria. Composing the Future​

Republic of Austria

Innovative spiral sculpture leads into a better future

The theme of the Austria pavilion is “Composing the Future”.

Austria, a country that is not only famous for classical music, will express the theme of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, “”Designing Future Society for Our Lives”” through music.

The spiral sculpture rising spectacularly into the sky is a gigantic musical score constructed with wooden boards screwed into place. It will lead into the pavilion to take visitors on an inspiring journey to explore the diversity and creativity of Austria.

Visitors will be presented with a contemporary and up-to-date picture of Austria, from its past to its future, from the known to the unknown.

Enjoy Austrian sweets in the pavilion.

© BWM Designers & Architects
© BWM Designers & Architects
© BWM Designers & Architects