Thematic Project
“Signature Project”(Brilliance of Life Project)

About Thematic Project
“Signature Project”(Brilliance of Life Project)

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition has announced the Master Plan for the Signature Project (thematic projects), the core project of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
The Signature Project will take place in the Signature Pavilions and Signature Events both online and offline. The experiences offered by the Signature Project directed by eight leading producers from various fields will serve as an opportunity for people to explore life and practise creativity. They will encourage each one of us to start making a small effort for others and our planet. The accumulation of and resonation between these efforts will make people smile, leading to “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” together.

Signature Pavilions

“Resonance of Lives”Better Co-Being

MIYATA Hiroaki
MIYATA Hiroaki
Professor, Keio University
Better Co-being

We are now at a turning point in reconstructing civilisation, not only from an economic point of view, but also in the areas of the environment, human rights, education, and health.

In a world where everyone is connected to one another, it is important to respect diverse forms of life and aim to achieve a future where each and every individual can prosper.

The thematic project “Resonance of Lives” offers the opportunity to experience human co-being—resonating with life and the future—through co-creating a new world.

“Amplification of Lives”Future of Life

Professor, Osaka University, Visiting Director, ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories
Amplifying possibilities in life by integrating it with technology

Half a century has passed since the Japan World Exposition Osaka 1970—we believe that human life in the future will be designed by human beings themselves.
Life that is supported and designed by technology
Life that exists in technology (robots)

“Invigorating Lives”Playground of Life: Jellyfish Pavilion

Musician, mathematician and STEAM educator
STEAM A journey in pursuit of excitement
Life dances, life sings, life opens.
Manifestation of a sense of being alive
©steAm Inc. & Tetsuo Kobori Architects All Rights Reserved
©steAm Inc. & Tetsuo Kobori Architects All Rights Reserved

Let’s witness the explosive light emitted from the diverse life (creativity) lying within each one of us and listen carefully to the vivid primeval song of life vigorously arising from deep within our body.
This project aims to create relationships with a variety of worlds and totally transform what it means to learn, play, create, and “live”, not only during the Expo but before and after it.
This is a journey to make the diverse meaning of existence and overflowing light of life (creativity) of all people and things explode, connect the whole world through the joy of creativity, and explore an inclusive “co-creation” (democratisation of creativity) society for the future filled with playfulness and hope.
You and “Playground of Life: Jellyfish Pavilion” opening in Yumeshima Island will witness this historic moment in 2025.
Life is so fascinating.

“Forging Lives”null2

©mika ninagawa
Media Artist
Forging Lives
©2023 Yoichi Ochiai / Design:NOIZ / Sustainable Pavilion 2025 Inc. All Rights Reserved.
©2023 Yoichi Ochiai / WOW All Rights Reserved.

Unknown landscapes
Transforming sculptures that warp the landscape

Making visiting physical places a valuable experience. An interactive monument unknown to humankind.
Using the freedom offered by digital technology, it brings harmony between nature and humans while converting the landscape.
This project aims to bring about progress in architecture and interactive technology that can only be achieved in a major global event held only once every few years.

Unknown experience
Digital body-based infinity mirror

Visitors’ bodies are digitalised, and they will interact with their digitalised bodies that transform organically and move autonomously within the pavilion.
The first ever rediscovery of the mirror in recorded history.

“Quest of Life”Dynamic Equilibrium of Life

Biologist, Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University

A modern society tormented by Covid-19 and is increasingly divided. Why can’t we get out of this turmoil? This may be because the “philosophy of life,” a fundamental perspective on what “life” is, is disappearing.

At our pavilion, “Dynamic Equilibrium of Life “, with dynamic equilibrium as our keyword, we would like to hand over our philosophy to redefine life for a better society and future of the Earth.

There is actually no clear boundary between you and the environment. The atoms and molecules that makeup you are constantly being exchanged with the environment. And your life is in the grand flow starting from a single cell, miraculously born 3.8 billion years ago, and is handed over to the future. This is dynamic equilibrium. We will deliver an experience that will shake your view of life to its very core and rediscover the meaning of life and hope.

“Totality of Life”LIVE EARTH JOURNEY

Animation Director
Mechanic Designer
Vision Creator
A miracle living now and here together
© 2024 Shoji Kawamori / Office Shogo Onodera, All rights reserved.
© 2023 Shoji Kawamori / Vector Vision All rights reserved.

We express the ephemeral, precious, powerful, loving, beautiful brilliance of life, and the connections between all life that dwells in the universe, the oceans, and on land.
We strive towards a paradigm shift from the human-centered to the life-centered, and appealing to the importance of protecting and nurturing life.

“Cycle of Lives”EARTH MART

Broadcast writer, Vice President of Kyoto University of the Arts

Our pavilion addresses environmental issues and starvation, presenting the possibilities of Japanese food culture and cutting-edge food technology to explore new eating practises leading to a better future together with visitors.

We also want to create an aftertaste like the one below.

By resetting what you take for granted through food, we want visitors to become aware of the most important things in life and to develop a sense of gratitude and kindness from modesty, which will lead to a feeling of happiness.

Starting tonight, you will want to cherish meal-times a bit more than you did yesterday.

We hope we can spread the Japanese word “Itadaki-masu” and new attitudes to food to people across the world.

“Embracing Lives”Dialogue Theater – sign of life –

A place where you within me encounters me within you
© Naomi Kawase / SUO, All Rights Reserved.
© Naomi Kawase, All Rights Reserved.

People create boundaries between one another due to their differences.
However, people are emotional beings that can communicate with each other.
Accepting one another through communication and changing ourselves will lead to a better future.
Communication from our hearts will take place in this forest-like theatre.