Guidelines for Design and Construction of Pavilions, and Construction Rules, etc.

2023.12.07 Guidelines for Shared Pavilions (Type C)

Guidelines for Shared Pavilions (Type C)

These guidelines document describes information, rules, and necessary procedures regarding Shared Pavilions (Type C) required in the Official Participants’ planning and implementing the creation of exhibition spaces, installation of exhibits, and their removal.
English _ Guidelines for Shared Pavilions(Type C) 【PDF:3.2MB】
French _ Lignes directrices relatives au Pavillon conjoint (type C) 【PDF:2.9MB】

Universal Design Guidelines for Facility Implementation

Aiming to provide a comfortable environment for users by achieving universal design that improves user-friendliness for people from all over the world visiting the Expo regardless of nationality, culture, race, gender, age, and disability, these guidelines present the standards regarding pathways within the grounds as well as corridors, stairways, toilets, guidance facilities, and other facilities within buildings, the standards serving as a common guideline for venue facility implementation.
English _ Universal Design Guidelines for Facility Implementation [PDF: 6.35MB] (revised on June 30,2022)
French _ Directives de la conception universelle concernant l’aménagement des installations [PDF: 6.57MB] (révisé le 30 juin 2022)
Published: Dec. 7, 2023