Philosophy and concepts of
thematic projects

Philosophy of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan
and concepts of thematic projects

Our lives are connected with each other, supported by the universe, the seas and the earth as our vessels. Humankind has expanded its scope of living globally by establishing diverse cultures to adapt to different environments. Meanwhile, it is also true that humankind has been so selfish as to damage natural environments and for groups of human beings to build unequal societies by sacrificing other groups. Today, the rapid development of life sciences and digital technology has been drastically changing our ways of dealing with our own lives and the ways human societies exist. Now that we have developed advanced science that can even modify life itself, we are required to sincerely recognise our status as part of overall ecosystems and take action to open up a brighter future utilising science and technology of our own making with a keen awareness of our responsibility. We should live in this world while recognising the universal and different characteristics of diverse forms of life in the natural world, developing our sympathy for others and respecting diverse cultures and values. By doing so, we human beings will surely be able to create new values that will help resolve various global issues and build a sustainable future. Planned based on this belief, Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, will provide an ideal opportunity for humankind, which has faced the unprecedented crisis of the global COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, to confirm its own potential, which the critical situation has made possible, and verify and propose new forms of life and society. To advocate the importance of respecting human diversity and put into practice the Expo’s theme, ‘Designing Future Society for Our Lives’, the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition has planned the following eight thematic projects

  • Quest of Life

    Creativity-driven project planning This project aims to position humankind as living beings in the entire system of life

  • Totality of Life

    This project aims to enable visitors to experience a connection between all forms of life in space, in the seas and on the earth.

  • Embracing Lives

    To prevent division among people due to crises, the project aims to offer a vision of a future where diverse lives will be protected by recognizing the existence of others in one’s self.

  • Cycle of Lives

    This project aims to examine the value of the act of eating as a link between nature and culture and between people and share the spirit of gratitude underlying Japanese food culture. 

  • Amplification of Lives

    The project aims to expand the functions and capabilities of humans and other organisms and explore wider possibilities for lives with novel science and technology.

  • Invigorating Lives

    This project will create a place for co-creation, where people will be able to enhance their lives by experiencing the joy of living through play, learning, sports and art.

  • Forging Lives

    Through the combination of the natural and the artificial and of the physical and the virtual in quest of a brilliant future, this project aims to explore the form of art that can be in harmony with nature

  • Resonance of Lives

    By acknowledging and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual life, this project aims to propose a model for a world where everyone can shine by providing visitors with an opportunity to experience the harmony created by diverse forms of life

Experience with these thematic projects will surely inspire people to reflect on life and take creative action. If every human being exerts small efforts for the sake of others and the planet, resonance with such efforts will bring people a smile and trigger initiatives to ‘Design Future Society for Our Lives’. We hope to make Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, an avenue to celebrate life together with people from around the world and ‘Design Future Society for Our Lives’. This is nothing but the challenge of co-creating a brighter future with ‘life’ as the starting point in collaboration with people across the world. 

Japan Association for the 2025 World exposition