Main FacilitiesEXPO Hall

Its large, golden-shimmering, circular roof and its strong, rough-looking walls rising from the earth creates a symbol for the entire Expo site, reminiscent of the Tower of the Sun at Japan World Exposition Osaka 1970.

The amphitheater, which integrates the audience and stage, is wrapped in a textured pure white fabric, creating a festive space that symbolizes “a bright future for our lives.”

Usage : 
A facility for organizing theatrical events such as music, theater, performing arts, and futuristic entertainment
Seating capacity : 
Approx. 1,850 Seats (including wheelchair seats)
Structure : 
Steel-framed construction (Partially reinforced concrete)
No. of Floors : 
Two-story Building
Floor Area : 
General Design and Supervision : 
Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
Final Design, Construction and Supervision : 
Taisei Corporation and Showa Sekkei, Inc.
Artist’s Impression of the Interior 1
(Viewing the audience from the stage)
Artist’s Impression of the Interior 2
(Viewing the audience from the stage: during video projection)