Digital ExpoPersonal agent for visitors

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We provide a venue information app to help everyone get around the venue without stress, supporting an efficient Expo experience.

A personal agent supports an efficient and “personal” comfortable visit experience in accordance with the conditions of the Expo site and individual tastes and conditions. We recommend excursion schedules that suit you and expo experiences that deepen your interest, and support you in improving the value of the Expo experience.

Not only those who come to the Expo site for the first time, but also those who come to the site many times, we offer new experiences, information about facilities event, and comfortable ways to spend the day.

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At the time of the visit to the Expo

Create and propose excursion plans that meet your needs and make planning easy

during excursion

Stress-free excursion guided by the shortest route to your destination


You’ll be notified when it’s almost time to book facilities, so you don’t have to forget to travel.

lunch break

Congestion information is displayed and you can take action to avoid congestion.


Guided by anticipating the weather on the day, they are guided to move indoors to facilities, where they can take action to avoid the rain.

during excursion

Recommends facilities you have, making your facilities search easier

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