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2019.05.23 Appointment of Directors

The following seven individuals were newly appointed to the Board of Directors at the Extraordinary General Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting held on May 15th and will serve in the roles of Vice Chairman, Secretary General, and Vice Secretary General.

Vice Chairman

Hiroyuki Ikeda : Co-chairperson, Kansai Association of Corporate Executives
Kengo Sakurada : Chairman, Japan Association of Corporate Executives
Hirofumi Yoshimura : Governor of Osaka
Ichiro Matsui : Mayor of Osaka

Secretary General

Hiroyuki Ishige : Former Chairman of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Vice Secretary General

Hiroyuki Takeuchi : Vice Governor of Osaka (expected to assume position as of June 1)
Manatsu Ichinoki : Managing Director, Kansai Economic Federation (expected to assume position as of May 28)