Press Release

2022.07.21 Venue Design and Venue Management Production Structure Announced

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition has introduced a new production structure that has Expo Site Design Assistant Producers and Expo Site Operation Assistant Producers.
The Expo Site Design Assistant Producer will be in charge of landscape design and lighting design so that the Expo Site Design Producer can realize Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan’s theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” by designing the venue. In addition, the Expo Site Operation Assistant Producer will be responsible for venue management and ICT related work so that the Expo Site Operation Producer can realize the venue management toward the success of the Expo by visitors’ having a comfortable and enjoyable time at the Expo.

Production structure

Expo Site Design Assistant Producer
Landscape Design Director, KUTSUNA Hiroki
Lighting Design Director, SHOJI Hiroyasu

Expo Site Operation Assistant Producer
Expo Site Management, TANABE Kiyoto
ICT-related, MORIMOTO Hiroshi


▽ Expo Site Design Assistant Producer
■ Landscape Design Director
Landscape Architect, Town Development Producer

Born in Osaka in 1966. Managing Director of E-DESIGN Inc. He aims to create new open and attractive public spaces by environmental design of parks, plazas, roads and rivers and making full use of space. He will do so by simultaneously planning and implementing sustainable management and mechanism creation. His main awarded projects are the following:
・ ” Aqua Metropolis Osaka of the city development “,
awarded the Ishikawa Award from the City Planning Institute of Japan (2016),
・ ” Kusatsugawa-Atochi Park “,
Awarded the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award, the 33rd City Park Competition Specific Theme Department (2017), and more.

■ Lighting Design Director
SHOJI Hiroyasu
Lighting Designer

He sets “LIGHT is LIFE” as the concept of urban / architectural lighting design. Lighting is an important environmental factor that is related to the basis of life, and is regarded as an important element that heals the mind and evokes courage in human life. Since 1990, he has been covering the natural light such as the northern lights of Alaska, the moonlit night of the Sahara Desert, and the firefly trees of Papua New Guinea. As those impressive encounters are the source of his creation, from skyscrapers to NICUs, he has been designing by reading the essential relationship between human and light. He received many awards including the IALD Lighting Design Award Special Citation, and the Award of Excellence. Representative of LIGHTDESIGN INC.

▽ Expo Site Operation Assistant Producer
■ Expo Site Management
President and CEO, Marketing Design Institute CO., LTD.

Born in 1963, after graduating from university, he got a job at an expo management company. In addition to the International Garden and Greenery Exposition (1990) in Osaka, Japan, he has formulated many business plans and operational plans for various Expos, as well as operational plans for many pavilions that represent the Expos. In 2005, he was commissioned to be assistant business management business producer of the Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan and supervised the overall management. He also has conducted a wide range of consulting services in line with public policy, focusing on regional development such as PPP, regional revitalization, PFI projects, and designated manager systems in national and local governments.

■ ICT-related
ICT Consultant

Born in 1962, he became a civil servant after graduating from university.
He was in charge of the regional expo held in the 90’s from the planning stage, and while being involved in the formulation of the basic plan and financial plan, overall project management, etc., he established a state-of-the-art ICT environment at that time, such as opening a website and building a LAN within the Association. After that, he was in charge of system construction accompanying the reforms of budget and personnel systems in the finance department and administrative reform department and retired from civil services after working in charge of the information department.
He changed his career to become an ICT consultant and has been supporting ICT governance, business reform, information security, educational ICT, etc. mainly in prefectures, government-designated cities, and core cities.
He has been Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Regional Informatization Advisor since 2016 and Information Processing Security Supporter since 2018.


Public Relations Department, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition