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2023.04.13 2 years to go before Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan opens!

On Thursday, April 13, we marked the two-years to go anniversary of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. To celebrate this occasion, we prepared some SNS visuals that you can use to post on your SNS, so that everyone around the world can get pumped up about celebrating the Expo on the opening day.

Let’s work together to expand interest in the Expo and get more people excited about the Expo by posting and sharing the two-year visuals on social networking services!

Click here to download images for Twitter

Click here to download images for Facebook/Instagram

Hashtag: #Join2025 #2YearstoGo #2年前 #ミャクミャク #EXPO2025 #大阪関西万博

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