Press Release

2024.03.14 Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan “Co-Design Challenge” Program, Official Logo Unveiled!

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) has decided on the official logo that will be used to promote the initiatives of the Co-Design Challenge program to a wider audience.
The Co-Design Challenge program is a project that takes the opportunity of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan to rethink various aspects of Japan’s life in the future and realize new things at the Expo through co-creation with various players.
By utilizing the opportunity of the Expo to develop new goods and services, we aim to solve current social issues and realize the future society that the Expo aims for.
The official logo will be used in the dissemination of information about the Co-Design Challenge program from the Association and other related parties. It will also serve to promote awareness of the goods and services produced by the Co-Design Challenge program and the value this program will bring to future societies.

■ Name
・“Co-Design Challenge” program logo

■ Date of decision:
・ Thursday, March 14, 2024

■ Design

■ Concept
The initials of the “Co-Design Challenge” program are represented by three simple shapes: 〇, △, and □. These visually represent the core value of the “Co-Design Challenge” program: co-creation. The “〇” represents “unlimited possibilities and the connections between people.” The “△” represents “technological progress and ambition.” And the “□” represents “stability and sustainable foundations.” By combining these elements, we can visualise the aspirations behind the program’s concept of “Designing a future Japanese Lifestyles (community).”

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Public Relations Department, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition