Digital ExpoAutomatic Translation System


We provide various tools equipped with a purely domestic translation engine to create a futuristic communication environment free of “language barriers.”

An advanced automatic translation system (consecutive translation and automatic simultaneous interpretation) will be used at the Expo site to guide visitors from all over the world, providing them with an environment where they can experience global exchanges however they want, transcending language barriers.
Equipped with a purely domestic translation engine, it facilitates communication with the Japanese language, which is said to be one of the most difficult languages in the world.


Automatic Translation System by TOPPAN VoiceBiz

This application can be used for free by all visitors simply by installing it on their smartphones or other devices.
Visitors can enjoy conversations beyond the “language barrier” when making enquiries to staff or communicating with foreign visitors.
It is available in 30 languages, including Japanese.

Automatic Translation System by TOPPAN RemoteVoice

This application is useful in situations such as tour guides in the Expo site when giving explanations to multiple visitors from various countries at once.
Just access the web app using a two-dimensional code from your smartphone or other device, select a language, and listen to the language spoken by the guide translated into the language of your choice.
It is available in 13 languages, including Japanese.

Automatic Simultaneous Interpretation System

This is a state-of-the-art automatic simultaneous interpretation system used in seminars and symposiums.
Speakers’ presentations will be displayed as an “automatic simultaneous interpretation” with subtitles on a venue screen and the audience’s mobile devices.
In addition, online streaming is also available so that viewers outside the venue can also enjoy simultaneous interpretation streaming.
It is available in 6 languages, including Japanese.

Translation Glossary

By collecting, translating, and registering technical terms specific to Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan in advance, expressions can be standardised and communication confusion can be prevented.
This will help to ensure accurate and smooth translation of conversations related to the Expo.

Other Services

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