Virtual ExpoVirtual Site

The Yumeshima Island site will be reproduced using 3DCG in an online space. Users will be able to walk around the virtual site through their avatars, enter the virtual pavilions of exhibitors, and experience exhibitions and events that take advantage of the unique characteristics of the virtual world.

At the physical Yumeshima Island site visitors can also enjoy AR content using their smartphones to view characters and 3D objects that do not exist in reality.

In addition, we plan to offer experiences in which the real and virtual worlds are interlinked through technologies such as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).


Key Points of the Virtual Site

  • You can download the Virtual Expo app for free to enjoy the Virtual Site!
  • The app is compatible not only with smartphones but also with PCs and head-mounted displays (HMD)!
  • The Virtual Site allows visitors to experience the Expo from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day!
  • With the app, you can also enjoy AR content at the physical Yumeshima Island site!

How to Use the Virtual Expo App

  • Before visiting the physical Yumeshima Island site, you can learn about pavilion exhibitions in advance.
    Plan your visits to pavilions in advance!
  • Couldn’t get a ticket for an event at the physical Yumeshima Island site? That’s a shame, but you can watch the livestream of the event from home!
  • You’re at the physical Yumeshima Island site!
    Enjoy AR content around the site and in each pavilion!
  • No time to make it to the physical Yumeshima Island site?
    You can enjoy pavilion exhibits and events at the Virtual Site!

We will continue to provide updated information.

Please look forward to the opening of the Virtual Expo!